Instent develops a novel smart stent with remote and non-invasive in situ monitoring capabilities providing doctors with a simple tool to anticipate stent-related complications and tailor the follow-up treatment to the needs of the individual patient.


Who we are

  • Franz Bozsak
    Franz Bozsak
    President & CEO

    Franz has brought together a world-class team of scientists, engineers and doctors, renowned experts in their respective fields, to help him realize his vision of a smart stent. He got his Ph.D. from Ecole polytechnique working on the optimization of drug-eluting stents and is a graduate of the Stanford Ignite-X business program.

  • Bruno Carreel
    Bruno Carreel
    Micro-electronics development

    Bruno is a research engineer specialized in micro-electronics and microfabrication from Ecole polytechnique and Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. He joined Instent in September 2014 and is responsible for the design and manufacturing of the on-board electronics of the smart stent.

  • Abdul Barakat
    Professor Abdul I. Barakat
    Chief scientific advisor

    Abdul is a world‑­re­nowned expert in cardiovascular biomechanics and has dedicated his scientific career to understanding cardiovascular disease and to investigating novel treatment options. He is the AXA Professor of Mechanics and Biology at Ecole polytechnique.

  • Myline Cottance
    Myline Cottance
    Sensor development

    Myline recently completed her Ph.D thesis on the microfabrication and characterization of Micro-Electrode arrays for biomedical applications at ESYCOM, ESIEE-Paris. She is a postdoctoral fellow at Ecole polytechnique since October 2014 working on the sensor system of the smart stent.

  • Myline Cottance
    Pierluca Messina
    Sensor development

    Pierluca received his Ph.D. from Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris in Bio-electrochemistry investigating potential drugs for breast cancer. He joined Instent in November 2014 and is in charge of the smart stent sensor system.

  • Gor Lebedev
    Gor Lebedev
    Data analysis and Simulation

    Gor Lebedev joined Instent in February 2016. He holds a double-master degree from France and Russia and a Ph.D. from CEA-LETI. He has successfully developed several innovative sensor technologies and is an inventor of 6 patents. He packs over 8 years of experience in complex multi-physics modeling and data analysis.

  • Nathalie Bufi
    Nathalie Bufi

    Nathalie Bufi joined the team in February 2016. She holds an engineering degree from Ecole polytechnique, a master degree from McGill University and a Ph.D. in biophysics. She has previously been in charge of Technology Transfer at the Brain and Spine Institute ICM. Her roles are to facilitate Instent's growth and support the team in business and strategic matters.

Our medical and business advisors

  • Ulrich Sigwart
    Professor Ulrich Sigwart
    Prof. emer. chairman of cardiology, University of Geneva

    Ulrich is the visionary cardiologist whose pioneering work on vascular stenting started a revolution in interventional cardiology in 1986. He advises Instent with his medical expertise, which includes over three decades of experience in minimally invasive surgery, to ensure the development of a product that has maximum impact on the patient.

  • Marie-Claude Morice
    Professor Marie-Claude Morice
    CEO and founder of CERC

    Marie-Claude has been a key international figure in interventional cardiology and in rendering percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) a safe treatment for patients. She has been a principal investigator of numerous clinical trials, including the RAVEL trial that established the efficacy and superiority of drug- eluting stents. Her experience over three decades in putting ground-breaking PCI innovations to the test will help Instent establish the clinical benefits of its technology.

  • Florian Reinaud
    Florian Reinaud
    Partner at Innovation Capital

    Florian has been active in the biotech and medtech domain over the past two decades in different roles: as doctor, CFO and investor. He has been advising Instent with his unique vision on the medtech sector since the Stanford Ignite-X business program.

  • Bruno Carreel
    Sacha Loiseau
    CEO and founder of Mauna Kea Technologies

    Sacha founded Mauna Kea Technologies in 2000 and has been successfully leading the company on its mission to make optical biopsy standard of care ever since. He has been advising Instent on entrepreneurial and business subjects since the Stanford Ignite-X business program.

  • Bruno Carreel
    Eric Le Royer
    CEO of Latitude MedSolutions

    Eric is a serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in the cardiovascular domain. Amongst others, he held management positions at Guidant and was a co-founder and the CEO of Endosense. He contributes his expertise to ensure that Instent executes a successful business strategy.

  • Gonzague Issenmann
    Gonzague Issenmann
    Medical Device Entrepreneur

    Gonzague founded his own stent company a decade ago and has been spearheading its international development as CEO ever since. He shares his vast experience in the cardiovascular medical device industry so that Instent executes a successful development strategy.

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73 Rue Léon Bourgeois 91120 PALAISEAU

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Instent c/o LadHyX Ecole polytechnique Route de Saclay 91128 Palaiseau Cedex  

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